New Automation Solutions

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited Horti. LED lights can be controlled by simple switching & Adaptive/proportional & Dynamic dimming… We control our light with simple 24H clock, wireless Smart Plug, Bluetooth Mess controllers to provide a control solutions that fit your installation, setup and requirements.

We can intergrade with third party controllers if needed.

We work closely together with control & automation suppliers or provide a stand-alone solutions. Simple scheduled switching to wireless and of-side control direct from your device (Phone or tablet).

With our wireless solutions we can provide our Adaptive, Dynamic, Multi-channel, System (ADMS) providing light recipe solutions throughout the full plant growing cycle, optimising wavelengths & Intensity for each stage.

With our low frequency energy saving options we could provide a solutions that could provide 30>50% additional electricity saving.

We are happy to provide more information regarding our control & electricity saving solutions on requested. So please feel free to contact us.


We do proof of concept trials on all our setups, automation control & hardware and can on request setup a specific trial for our clients. This gives us the opportunity to trial & test the initial setup before large commitments have to be done. We have a large & extended knowledge base build up through our contacts and our proof of concept trails. 

Holland Solution Limited