How we are different

First we do not have stock like most of our competitors. This gives us the opportunity not to have to sell our stock limiting our product suggestions and advice to you. All our LED products we import directly from our overseas manufactures giving us the opportunity to provide the highest quality and latest product specifications including standards. We import our product from trusted manufactures from China, Korea, Taiwan and the Netherlands.

We work closely with our manufactures to insure very high quality product standards or tailor/custom made (to our high specifications and quality) to suit your project or application. With this we can insure you the best solutions for your needs.

We are fully setup to import and export products. We deliver directly on side all over New Zealand or anywhere in the world.

We work on a project base from calculating Payback and savings, making a light plan, importing your goods, deliver them on side and working closely with local electrician how knows your site the best.

We help you with and providing savings, electricity and payback calculations, help you find funding or grants, heat load, lights plans & PPFD, PPF, DLI calculations and estimations.

We can provide you with Commercial/Industrial/Retail, Horticultural and Agricultural light plans specific for your project(s)

We work with companies like ECO Systems Ltd (energy efficiency), Massey UniFARPlant and FoodAgResearch LtdStocker Hydrop & Hort Ltd, PGHOHort Ltd, Steel ED (2018) LtdCopas Pluming & electrical Ltd, Exal Industries Ltd, Harfords Greenhouses…

Where can you find our products installed and in use: New World, PAK’nSAVE, Bennets chocolate, Dhara Korean restaurant, Massey Uni, BIOLumic, Plant and Food, AgResearch, FAR, Tomato Tom, Sub Tropical Nurseries, Forest Genetics, BrookBerries, Southern Fresh group, Urban Green Ltd, Auckland Uni., Biotelliga,

We have a supporting line of products like: T8 Lamp frames for commercial-industrial high/low bay applications and Horticultural T8 lamp frames providing solutions for green/glasshouse and grow/plant table applications.

We have modular plant tables with our LED T8 GROW tubes fully integrated in several solutions like: tables with hydroponics guttering, removable shelves etc.

We have Top and Inter lighting modules based on our Lamp frame setups providing an easy and flexible solution.

All these setups and solutions are very flexible in their usage giving you all the flexibility to optimize the environment the lamps are been installed to enhance plant quality, reduce grow time and increase production.

We focus on flexible and custom made solutions based on of the shelf products.

We focus on High quality products with a fair price.

Rob Scheffers



Holland Solution Limited