LED Lamp Products

Horticultural Grow Tables and Horticultural & Commercial lamp frames (High & Low bay options)

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited provide ready to use and implement lighting products to Horticultural (commercial growers) and commercial applications.

Like aluminium lamp frames & Lamp bars for our LED T8 solutions. These lamp frames can be used above grow tables with our horticultural LED T8 lamps but also as a High or Low bay application in, for example supermarkets by implement our Commercial LED T8 tube line.

Lamp frame (Two light groups)
Max tubes in 500mm width frame
Alu Lamp Bar (Power side shown)

We also have a modular table frame setup for indoor growing application (several size and applications) with our LED T8 growlight tubes fully integrated in the table frame layout.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited developed grow tables can be Easley stacked to the height or amount of layers you want or need. LED T8 lamps are been integrated in the lamp frame layout  and  become part of the table setup. we can provide these table setup(s) with a insert table tray/self, Hydroponic guttering including NFS or hydroponic setup.

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HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is the company name of AgriLEDHortiLED & CommLED and Holland Growing & Greenhouse Solutions, trade names of HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited specialises in LED Lighting solutions for Horticultural, Commercial & Industrial incl. Outdoor solutions and applications, is led by a greenhouse engineer with 15 years experience in greenhouse installation and maintenance.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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