About Rob Scheffers

            I grew up in a part of Holland that’s called Westland where my father had a glasshouse, we grew year round chrysanthemums, I was all my life in and around glass houses. I went to the L.T.S which is a technical school and earned my degree in electric engineering, after that I was in the (Dutch) army for two years in the engineer’s core. Where I learnt to build bridges and I also learnt to handle explosives.

I started my working career at Nic Sosef B.V a glasshouse supplying company where I worked for 15 years. At that company I started as an apprentice Electrical Engineer and moved though the ranks, to Head Electrical EngineerService Engineer and Service Coordinator/manager. This company has supplied all kinds of Dutch & international growers with all types of installations, services and greenhouse supplies for instance electrical installations, climate computers, water treatment units and all the electrics you can find in a modern glasshouse today.

Working In New Zealand for ECOSystems Limited one of the oldest energy efficiency companies setting up their Continues Commissioning (CC) project aiming at commercial buildings to perform better with less energy input, gave me the opportunity to learn the NZ Business environment and a good inside in energy efficiency applications. I have developed software applications, commercial building energy auditing tools and processes and the interaction with staff & managers on a Tenant and Building owners level.

So my practical knowledge is quite broad and of course I had to learn a lot of this through company courses and evening school. I think New Zealand is a great country with a lot of opportunities for Commercial/Industry (supermarkets, Retail, carpark owners, Mills,  etc), Horticultural (growers) and Agricultural (Farmers)  in general.

Now here in New Zealand I want to apply the practical knowledge and experience that I have to help my New Zealand & International clients to save energy, money and increase production giving them better options and solutions.

Rob Scheffers



         HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited provides New solutions and technology to the New Zealand & International market and we specializes in LED solutions for Horticultural/Agricultural & Commercial/Industrial applications

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HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is established/incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 in September 2006 and started under the name Holland Greenhouse solutions Limited, and changed their name to HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited in February 2007.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is a fully incorporated company under New Zealand Law.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited provides advice on energy management, for example: energy efficient solutions including LED environmentally friendly and energy efficient lighting solutions.  Commercial, Horticultural & Agricultural LED Lighting solutions.

We speak fluent Dutch and English.


(Owned and Operated in New Zealand)

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