LED Lighting

LED lighting has been around for sometime in smaller applications where the same technology has been used for many years where a long life time is important. For example many homes would have already seen this technology in small stand by lights on there television sets, in computers and stereo applications.

LED lighting offers the most energy efficient lighting alternative, can be up to 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, and up to 40% more efficient than CFL.

LED lighting is a truly environmentally friendly solution, not only do LED lighting products use significantly less energy to run, they are also free from mercury which is hazardous to the environment. With traditional incandescent lighting 80% to 90% of energy used to make light is lost as heat, the opposite is true with LED lighting.

This gives LED lighting products the added advantage of being ideal for lighting in ceilings and small places but also Cooled storage, cooler and freezer application (supermarkets), lighting in galleries (No IR and UV) where heat can be damaging, and for horticultural applications.

All CFL lamps and fluorescent light tubes (T8/T5) emit Infrared Radiation (IR) and ultraviolet (UV). LED Lighting doesn’t and there for is ideal for galleries and spotlighting of ART works and your veggies in you supermarket or warehouse for example. MH or HPS for horticultural use giving more heat than useful light wavelengths for optimal growing.

LED lighting is ideal for street and carpark lighting because it can enhance visual acuity at lower light levels. LED lighting is being used/trailed in Greenhouses as supplemental lighting to enhance the natural growth of plants. LED lighting is the only option for fully indoor growing minimizing outdoor influences like big storms, Drought or to much rain providing a continued growing environment stable climate and therefore a high quality level

Imagine, if 60 million people were two replace two light bulbs we would save 6.5 billion kWh of energy and a 100 million tons of CO2 emissions

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HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is the company name of Agri.LEDHorti.LED & Comm.LED and Holland Growing & Greenhouse Solutions, trade names of HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited specialises in LED Lighting solutions for Horticultural, Commercial & Industrial incl. Outdoor solutions and applications, is led by a greenhouse engineer with 15 years experience in greenhouse installation and maintenance.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand and works Nationwide

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