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HOLLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is looking for investors/partners (Pref. NZ Based) to grow the company in several ways.

We are looking for an investor(s) to participate in new food technology that suits today’s consumers on a number of levels.




  1. We are looking in finalising our product development for (integrated) Indoor & green/glasshouse Horticultural LED Lighting.
  2. We are looking to implement our ideas in hydroponically commercial situations, like fully protected layered indoor growing setups, extending daylight and Inter & Top-lighting options for NZ and international customers.
  3. Develop a Seafreight option to export fresh food commodities, reducing freight and packing costs, and increasing shelf life for the overseas client. This with LED lighting technology to export life plants.



  1. We are looking to develop an Agricultural LED Product line for poultry, livestock and dairy farmers giving them better light to grow their animals and giving the animals a better growing environment.
  2. Develop a fodder/barley growing lighting & table setup to provide fresh feed during winter and drought periods.



  1. We are looking to market our Commercial product line better and to a new potential audience like framers, Growers and Industry



  1. We are looking for a partner/investor to set up and explore a full indoor growing facility, based on our knowledge, product lines and options.
  2. We are aiming on growing several high end plant commodities in a fully indoor covert warehouse style growing environment, with a layer of plant control and automation to reduce plant stress and increase quality, continuity, production, decrease grow time and lower labour costs.


Rob Scheffers