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Holland Greenhouse Solutions

Are you considering building a modern green or glasshouse? Are you looking at investing in a technology upgrade and/or expanding your exsisting business with a indoor table or LED Lighting solution


Holland Greenhouse Solutions can help you.


Holland Greenhouse Solutions will provide you with the advice you need, and practical solutions for your greenhouse or glasshouse (large and small growers). Including energy solutions, integration of Light controls to climate controllers, computers, water treatment systems and LED Light installation & maintenance planning.


We specialise in consultancy, light installation in a greenhouse business solutions and greenhouse installation/hardware solutions.

We will help you find the best environmental and energy saving solutions. We charge low fees and are happy to tell you more.


Holland Greenhouse Solutions works Nation wide!

And is centrally located in Wellington.

Technical Business Solutions

Holland Greenhouse Solutions specialises in helping with LED lights in a horticulture business solution(s). Holland Greenhouse Solutions provide assistant with all the technical aspects of your business or project plan.

We specialise in providing enviromental and energy saving solutions, and can provide you with advice on government funding.



Examples of services Provided:



Help with the technical aspects of your business plan.


  • Help with the preparation (technical) business plans.
  • Help with all technical applications for your business plan.




Technical project planning and management.


  • On/Off-site technical project management.



Planning and technical drawing.


  • Technical drawings.
  • Planning of equipment and supplies.
  • Technical equipment drawings for local electricians.



Advice, research on government funding (EECA or TechNZ).

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is a EECA Registered Technology Supplier. Please ask us if your project could be a EECA Technology Demonstration Project.


  • Advice on government and energy efficientcy funding.
  • Assitance with government applications.





Intermediary, international/European (Dutch) suppliers and the local market.


  • Help with importing international/European products and equipment.
  • Translation (Dutch) of product orders.
  • Product testing for suppliers.


LED lighting solutions are the most energy efficient solutions available at this moment.




For more information or Inquiries, please fill out the Inquiry/Information form, click here or contact us by Phone: (04) 383 5102/(021) 057 4319.


Installation/hardware solutions.

Holland Greenhouse Solutions will provide advice on all elctrical installations and hardware solutions, for all Small, Medium and large modern growers or smaller businesses.


Holland greenhouse solutions specialises in help integration light controls in greenhouse climate controllers or computers, water treatment systems and all (elctrical) greenhouse installations. We can provide a light control system form a simple clock to touch screen control and network solution with internet overlay.

We are experienced and up to date with, PRIVA climate computers and NIC SOSEF B.V complete glasshouse installations.


PRIVA climate computers.NIC SOSEF glasshouse installations


Experienced also with HOOGENDOORN climate computers, ADESYS octalarm systems, TIPTELL communications, RIDDER screen systems, HORTiMAX (former v Vliet) systems, REVAHO water sytems, van DIJK B.V heating, HORTILUX-SCHREDER supplemental lighting systems, HOLLAND HEATERS B.V heating. HSL LED Lighting Systems like LEd Growtube T8 & Frame/Bar system, Inter & Top-lighting, fully indoor systems etc.


HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited can not only help you with LED lightings solutions for a supplemental application or full lighting  solutions (incl. grow table setup) for indoor but;

We will help you find hardware solutions for your Greenhouseglasshouse, Nursery, orchard, Winnery, etc.


(small)Temperature controllers for heating and ventilation, climate computers, (small) irrigation controllers, integrated climate and irrigation computers, Complete CO2/temp./RH controllers, water treatment and purifying units, substrate or hydroponics, screening, energy solutions, but also help with government grants available


Maintenance planning.

  • Making a maintenance plan.
  • Help and advice on product maintenance.
  • Maintenance of equipment and materials.


Holland Greenhouse Solutions:

  • Will advise you on the latest technology available (from Europe, China, Korea and Taiwan).
  • Give you the right advice and technical know-how to upgrade or grow your business.
  • Provide you with technical solutions that can save you money.
  • Help you with a maintenance plan and solutions.
  • comes to your place. (on/off site consultancy) and operates Nation wide
  • provides consultancy services by post,email,telephone or fax.
  • Speaks English and Dutch.
  • Will be your Intermediary for Dutch suppliers and builders.


We provide outstanding planning and technical services to meet your business requirements.

We give independent advice on all suppliers.


We are committed to giving practical (hardware) solutions, ideas and advice.


Rob Scheffers.


For more information or Inquiries, please fill out the Inquiry/Information form, or contact us by Phone: +64 (0)21 057 4319.