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HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited with the trade names HOLLAND GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS, HOLLAND GARDEN SOLUTIONS, Horti.LED, Agri.LED and Comm.LED  has made every effort to ensure that the material contained on this site is accurate and up-to-date. However, HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited takes no resposibility for any error or omission relating to this information. HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited will not be liable for any cost, loss or damage suffered by you through your use of HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited internet site or any information contained thereon. HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited does not quarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of any of the information provided. The contents of this web-site are solely intended to provide a general understanding of the subject matter and to assist our customers and potential customers or clients assess whether they require further information.  


For the purpose of this disclaimer HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited means any trade names (TM)  used in advertising, documents, emails, etc. and this internet site & pages. See the trade names used in disclaimer of liability.  


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