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This page will show the new (developed) LED Lighting solutions and potential applications for the Agricultural markets.   LED- Blue & Green wavelengths lights in a poultry setup. Increase flock health, increase growth and decreasing growing time and increasing food uptake. We can provide LED Solutions in a Bulb, (PAR38), tube or high/low bay format in Non Dim and fully dimmable solutions. We can provide automation setups and solutions for lighting control and integration  


Green wavelength for Poultry farming

Blue wavelength for Poultry farming

Options like:  
  • LED Lighting solutions for poultry farms (In a Bulb, Tube & high/low-bay format with Dimming and Non-dimming solutions)
  • LED Lighting solutions for dairy farms (indoor & Outdoor)
  • LED Feed solutions (indoor ray grass-fodder/Barley growing to provide fresh feed in for example drought and winter periods
  • LED Lighting solutions for outdoor and stand-alone lighting solutions
  • LED General lighting like LED flood lights (out&inside), LED T8 tubes & LED high/low bay
  We have solutions for:
  • Poultry farmers (replacing incandescent bulbs for our latest dimmable LED PAR38 lamps in green/Blue wavelengths + Light automation options based on C-Bus lighting) Estimated savings 60%>90% on the lighting electricity bill + decreasing chicken growing time with faster and better food uptake.
  • Diary farmers (replacing current fluorescent tubes + Floodlights for LED equivalents) Estimated savings 40%>80% on the lighting electricity bill.
  • Lifestock (Beef) farmers (replacing current lights for LED equivalents)
  • Lifestock feeding solutions (Barley/fodder growing tables providing fresh feed year round reducing winter and droughts impact on livestock) based on our Horticultural LED Modular plant table solutions.

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We are looking for research opportunities (Growers, Farmers), investors to enhance our research, marketing and applications trials.

 HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is the company name of AgriLED, HortiLED & CommLED and Holland Growing & Greenhouse Solutions, trade names of HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited. HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited specialises in LED Lighting solutions for Horticultural, Commercial & Industrial incl. Outdoor solutions and applications, is led by a greenhouse engineer with 15 years, experience in greenhouse installation and maintenance.   HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is based in Wellington, New Zealand.